Is my drive or device eligible for Kroll Ontrack Home?

Kroll Ontrack Home is a service for internal and external single hard drives up to 5TB in capacity - both traditional hard disk drives and solid state devices - used to store data from Windows or Mac machines. We accept USB / external drives which have been removed from their plastic cases, but cannot accept drives which have been opened/had their warranty seals invalidated (typically due to a previously unsuccessful data recovery attempt). Due to Kroll Ontrack Home's low fixed-price policy we regret that fire- or flood-damaged drives and multi-drive (RAID) systems including Fusion drives common in iMac machines, are excluded from this service. We also do not extract the content from within Apple Time Machine backups.

If your drive is ineligible for Kroll Ontrack Home or if you have a different storage device (USB stick, memory card, smartphone, tablet...), there are other options available for you. Not sure whether your device is eligible, or want to find out more?  Get in contact with us.